Fortnite gets vending machines and an explosives-only mode

fortnite vending machines high explosives v2

Epic are changing the Fortnite update schedule, promising a more regular feed of fresh content for both sides of the massively popular shooter. Every other week will see new content added to the game without the need for a proper patch, ensuring that there’s new stuff to enjoy every seven days while the developers “iron out more complex bugs.”

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For the first of these content updates, Vending Machines have been added to Battle Royale, letting you trade extra materials for weapons and gear. Each vending machine will sell three items, one for each material type. The machines will cycle through the options automatically, or you can hit them with your pickaxe to speed up the process. Here’s what things cost:

  • Items found in a Common (white) version will cost 100 materials.
  • Items found in a Uncommon (green) version will cost 200 materials.
  • Items found in a Rare (blue) version will cost 300 materials.
  • Items found in a Epic (purple) version will cost 400 materials.
  • Items found in a Legendary (gold) version will cost 500 materials.

Battle Royale also sees the launch of a new limited time mode, High Explosives v2. This one pulls all non-explosive weapons from the rotation while boosting the drop rates for rockets, grenades, guided missiles, and all things that go kablooey.

Not to be forgotten, Save the World also gets an Easter Egg Launcher complete with an anatomically-correct decal of a rabbit laying eggs. That’s just science.