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Fortnite Blitz deserves to be a permanent mode

Fortnite Blitz

Fortnite’s Blitz mode came and went very quickly, just like one of its swift storms, leaving behind a gaping hole for those who enjoyed its faster pace. We hope it returns, but as a permanent mode rather than another week-long sideshow.

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Blitz condenses the traditional Fortnite Battle Royale experience into 15-minute sessions – the deadly storm which surrounds the map begins closing in immediately, forcing everyone to keep on the move from the off. The reduced breathing room means I rarely see people build large fortresses in which to hide from confrontation. And you’re further encouraged to jump into the crossfire early because the availability of chests and weapons have been increased, meaning everyone gets tooled up more quickly.

fortnite map update

What makes Blitz special is that it forces you to rely only on your reactions, accuracy, and instincts to survive – rather than your hide-and-seek skills. Sure, it might take away the slow-building tension found in the main mode, but that’s replaced with the comforting knowledge that you won’t spend several minutes achieving very little before finding yourself looking at a game-over screen.

With Blitz now gone, there’s no longer any mode that offers the prospect of earning a Victory Royale during a quick lunch break – at least, not without also having to suffer an empty belly. The disappearance of that quick match option is even more urgent now that Fortnite is available on iOS and Android, both of which let you play away from your PC or console. You might have time for a 15-minute session on your daily commute but you probably can’t commit to a full Battle Royale match in the same scenario. Epic risk alienating a large number of passionate – if impatient – players.

Fortnite iOS

And nobody wants that. Fortnite is a free-to- play game which anybody can enjoy, and it’s so wholly satisfying to see that Victory Royale screen pop up after a gruelling battle. Blitz meant that more people could enjoy a taste of what Fortnite has to offer, and it attracted fresh blood to the fray. If your job requires you to work sporadic shifts, or you want to squeeze in a couple short games before you go out on that hot date, Blitz is perfect.

Epic Games introduced us to a game-changing way to play and then took it away. Let’s hope they hear the brief-but-boisterous caterwauls of time-poor Fortnite enthusiasts across the globe, and find it in their hearts to offer up Blitz mode as a permanent option.