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Sorry, Fortnite boob physics will get patched out

Fortnite boob physics might be the most unwelcome season change yet

Fortnite Calamity

September 27, 2018 Fortnite boob physics won’t be around much longer.

Fortnite Season 6 has dropped, and there’s a whole load of new stuff to enjoy. The map’s been tweaked, there are new cosmetics ranging from new music tracks to pets you can carry around on your back, and a brand-new Battle Pass to complete. But all of those things are relatively standard procedure at this point. One thing, however, is very different – it looks like Fortnite now has boob physics.

That news comes from Agony, a member of Faze’s Fortnite team. In a tweet posted earlier today, he shared a gif of the game’s new Calamity skin performing the ‘Jubilation’ emote, in which characters raise their arms and run on the spot, in the lobby.

Without wishing to be too crass about all this, things are a little more wobbly than they’ve been before. For research purposes, I took a look at some other female skins performing a variety of emotes, and there wasn’t a jiggle in sight. As you can see in Agony’s tweet, that’s definitely not the case for Calamity.

Epic says the effect is entirely unintentional. “This is embarrassing and unintended,” a rep tells PCGamer. “We are working on a fix as soon possible.”

It’s still something of a surprise to see this slip by at all, given that the effect isn’t exactly subtle. Fortnite has a large audience of children, and this comes at a time when games known for their salacious portrayals of female characters – Dead or Alive, for instance – are toning down their boob physics.

You can check out Agony’s tweet for yourself above. It’s theoretically Safe for Work, but maybe be careful who could be looking over your shoulder. Elsewhere, you can check out the Fortnite Season 6 map changes, or discover where to dance beneath Streetlight Spotlights. That should give you a bit of a headstart on this Battle Pass, which will help you unlock the rest of Calamity’s excellent Cowboy outfit.