Fortnite’s week 5 challenges won’t release today

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Fortnite’s week 5 challenges won’t be available today as expected. The game’s developer, Epic, is moving the challenges to make them available from Thursdays. For the first four weeks of Season 4, the game’s weekly challenges were posted on Tuesdays, but will be rescheduled starting from this week.

Fortnite players were met with a message over the weekend stating that “week 5 challenges [will be] available in 0 seconds.” Obviously that made little sense, and the challenges couldn’t be viewed or completed by players. Epic tweeted this morning stating that this was a known issue and that this week’s challenges will be available soon.

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Fortnite season 3 saw weekly challenges release every Thursday morning, but season 4 began on a Tuesday, with new challenges starting from that day and then appearing on a seven day rotation. Epic’s tweet says that the message posted in-client was part of “an intended change to push back weekly challenges to Thursdays.”

With that in mind, the Fortnite week 5 challenges will be available on Thursday, May 31 at 04:00 ET/08:00 GMT.

That gives you an extra couple of days to focus on your Fortnite week 4 challenges, so you can get searching ammo boxes, heading to storm circle centres, and getting a trap elimination – even if that last one does come down to luck more than judgement (for most of us at least).

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