Fortnite’s comet could be a massive practical joke

fortnite comet tilted towers

Fortnite’s comet seems to be a source of unending mystery for players, but it looks like Epic might have been playing us this whole time.

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Many thought that the comet, which has been hovering over the game’s map for the past few weeks, would obliterate Tilted Towers yesterday, but after servers went back online, Fortnite’s famous kill-zone was still standing. To add to the confusion, more meteorites began appearing over the map last night. Despite all of Epic’s teases, however, the whole thing might have been a drawn-out joke.

That might not be all that surprising, as the comet first appeared on April Fool’s Day. On top of that, a post on Reddit last night investigated the strange noise the comet makes: if you focus in on it during a game, you can hear a faint, mysterious sound emanating from it. But when a redditor put a recording of the sound through an audio spectrograph (which produces an image based on sound), it produces an image based on Fortnite’s ‘Take the L’ emote.

Fortnite Take the L

The emote, which is available as part of Fortnite’s Battle Pass, is regularly used as a taunt aimed at downed players, and Epic’s decision to use it as part of the meteor is obviously deliberate. Exactly what they mean by it isn’t clear yet, but it might not bode well for the Tilted Towers doomsayers.