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Competitive Fortnite details are incoming as Epic announce the Celebrity Pro-Am at E3

fortnite celebrity pro-am

As if Drake helping to set new Twitch viewer records wasn’t enough, Epic have plans for an even bigger celebrity Fortnite event at E3 this year. The Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am will take place in Los Angeles during the trade show, pitting 50 celebrities and 50 esports players against each other in one entirely ridiculous battle royale.

Check out the details on the latest Fortnite update.

Epic announced the event earlier today in a very brief news post that’s light on details. It will be a team event, and they look to start building the teams “soon,” with more info to come. I’d assume the teams would have to be balanced selections of celebs and pro players for a competitive outcome, but maybe the people want famous blood on the digital floor.

E3 is June 12-14 this year, so the event will be sometime in that range.

The developers also confirmed that competitive play is on the way, and they’ll detail what to expect from the first season within “the next few weeks.”