Fortnite’s meteor at Dusty Divot is hiding something

fortnite dusty divot meteor

Fortnite’s latest update has brought some new items to the game after a brief delay, including some healing apples and a handful of powerful burst assault rifles. But there’s more than what’s been advertised, including a handful of changes to the map. Some of those are goofball meme references, but others may be the start of teases for the next significant round of content.

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The most intriguing of these changes is the meteorite at the Dusty Divot crater, which now shows the effects of some concentrated mining efforts. The new holes seem to reveal a metal object inside the giant rock. You can see more detailed shots via Reddit.

I’ll leave further speculation to you – the field’s wide open at this point – but given Epic’s success with in-game content teases prior to season 4, we should expect to see similar efforts in the future.

Tilted Towers’ ruined building is now back under construction as well, and this may mean we’ll be able to chart the progress of the rebuilt building through the remainder of the season. Lastly, there’s now a Fork Knife food truck, following up on the meme about Fortnite’s most popular mispronunciation.

These are the big things that’ve gotten the most notice so far, though you should keep an eye out next time you drop. There may yet be more to be discovered.

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