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Fortnite’s developer has been awarded an ‘F’ for customer service

Fortnite might be worth billions, but its developer was just awarded an 'F' for its poor customer service


Fortnite might have turned developer Epic Games into a near-household name (and made its founder and CEO Tim Sweeney several billion dollars richer than Gabe Newell), but it’s not necessarily doing much for the company’s customer service reputation. Yesterday, consumer protection nonprofit the Better Business Bureau announced it had awarded Epic an ‘F’ – its lowest possible grade – for its customer service.

The main complaint levelled at Epic by the BBB is that of unanswered customer complaints. Over the past three years, the nonprofit says that it has received 279 complaints regarding the company, 271 of which have shown up in the past 12 months. Of those complaints, 247 have gone entirely unanswered, prompting the awarding of the ‘F’ grade.

Many of the complaints are from players claiming that their accounts have been hacked and that they have not received adequate support from Epic. Other players say they have been banned without reason, and amusingly I’ve also seen an incensed Save the World player complaining about the mode’s lack of support.

It’s worth pointing out that the BBB is not an official government body, and as such has no regulatory power. That goes some way towards explaining Epic’s statement to Kotaku, which says that “Epic Games is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and has redirected all submitted complaints from the BBB to our player support staff.”

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That’s all well and good, but it’s worth noting that several other games companies are sporting significantly higher grades on the BBB’s website. Ubisoft and Activision both have ‘A+’ ratings, while even EA scores an A-. Somewhat ironically, Epic’s closest friends would now appear to be Valve, which is also rocking that ‘F’ grade.