Need help completing Fortnite’s weekly challenges? Check out this fan-made map

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Fortnite’s weekly challenges are far more than a simple means to let you unlock a raft of colourful cosmetics – they also let you shape the game by encouraging forms of play that you might otherwise not experience, whether that’s hunting for rubber ducks, exploring Lonely Lodge, or following treasure maps. They can be a hell of a job to keep track of and that’s where a new fan-made tool comes in handy.

Redditor Tmant1234 has developed Fort-Friend, an interactive website that helps players keep track of all of Fortnite’s weekly battle pass challenges. Not only does it allow you to tick off your completed challenges on an interactive checkpoint, it also shows you exactly where to find everything you need to complete those challenges.

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Fort-Friend currently offers checklists for weeks 1-4 of Fortnite season 4 so you can mark which challenges you still need to complete. Depending on which challenges you’ve already done, Fort-Friend’s map shows the locations of your remaining tasks on a version of Fortnite’s maps.

So, for example, the Fortnite week 4 challenges require you to find a battle star in Moisty Mire, meaning a big red X appears at that location. Week 3, on the other hand, tasked you with finding rubber ducks, so the map is strewn with pictures where your bathtime friends can be found. The Fortnite week 5 challenges will likely appear when they go live tomorrow.

There are, of course, several challenges each week that can’t be found on the map, which don’t show up in Fort-Friend. These include using specific items, or getting kills with traps or certain weapons, which all feature in the checklist but don’t appear on the map.

The map does show you where you can find the hidden Fortnite Blockbuster battle tiers, however, which will be helpful as you complete more sets of weekly challenges.

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