Fortnite is set to be Epic’s most successful ever game


Fortnite is on track to be Epic Games’ most successful game ever. In an interview with GamesBeat, the company’s CEO Tim Sweeney said that by the end of the year the survival game will have outperformed all of the studio’s other titles.

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Fortnite’s launch was so successful that Epic weren’t fully prepared. “Several times more users than we expected came in,” Sweeney says. “We had to really scramble to keep the servers running at that scale.”

Quite by what metric Fortnite’s success has been measured isn’t fully clear. All Sweeney says is that Fortnite is “on track to be Epic’s most successful game ever by the end of the year.” That’s likely to be by number of players – Fortnite has already sold more than a million copies since its release just over a month ago, while the original Gears of War sold less than four million copies in its lifetime.

Sweeney also says that Fortnite was “much more expensive” to make than previous games, but he’s glad that games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Astroneer have succeeded despite their small teams.

Fortnite is currently a paid service, but will eventually go free-to-play once it’s out of early access. Before that happens though, the game will be receiving regular updates, the most recent of which was a survival mode, which was added this week.