Fortnite’s getting a survival mode on August 29

Fortnite survival mode

In less than a month, Fortnite, Epic’s fort-building co-op sandbox game, has seduced a million players into its stormy, undead-filled world. To celebrate this milestone, they’ve announced a new survival mode, coming on August 29.

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Fortnite’s survival mode will be a “hard, ironman” affair, according to the devs. Expect “amazing” rewards, and the more time you put in – anywhere between three to 14 game days – the more rewards you’ll net yourself.

New storms will be rolling in, too. These supernatural maelstroms will modify the game, for both good and ill. “These storm systems are unique and add properties like enraged on the creatures, which makes them deal more damage when they’re at low health, or they explode,” creative director Darren Sugg explains. But there will be positive effects, too, including buffs that augment different classes and weapon types.

Epic promise more new content on top of the unusual storms and survival rewards, though they’re saving that reveal for next week.