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Fortnite is getting mounted turrets that can overheat

Next up for Fortnite are Mounted Turrets that you sit in to fire - just be careful not to overheat

Fortnite Mounted Turret

The next addition to Fortnite is going to be mounted turrets and you can expect them to arrive real soon. That’s because they appeared in an in-game message over the weekend for some Fortnite players with a big ‘coming soon’ sticker slapped on it. So, expect them to arrive later this week? Probably.

The mounted turret will be a static item that is thrown onto the ground like a Port-a-Fort. Luckily, they don’t fire automatically once deployed – can you imagine? – as, instead, you’ll need to hop your little Fortnite butt into the seat and aim the barrel at your enemies yourself.

The in-game message that announced the mounted turret came with a description that backs all this up. “Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat,” it reads, as Eurogamer reveals.

Expect to hear much more about the mounted turret in the next few days, then. Meanwhile, you can check out the official NFL outfits that were added to the game recently – you just have to cough up a few V-Bucks to get them.

Otherwise, did you hear about what else is coming to Fortnite? There’s an aerial vehicle called the Bumble and it seems a fantasy castle is coming too – it can be seen through the rifts.