Fortnite’s latest patch adds the LMG and brings back 50v50

Fortnite LMG

Update, April 19: Here’s what you can find in Fortnite’s latest update.

The latest Fortnite patch is live now. V3.5.2 adds the new Light Machine Gun, and sees the return of the 50v50 limited time mode.

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The Light Machine Gun comes in both the Epic and Rare varieties, dealing either 25 or 26 damage per hit, and has a 100-round magazine. That’s held up, however, by a five-second reload time, meaning it won’t be great for close-quarters firefights.

The 50v50 game mode returns in the update. The mode will see two teams approach the island from different directions, with ten minutes to loot before making their way to the final storm circle. Loot spawns will be up 15%, materials by 75%, and there’ll be batches of 3-6 supply crates dropping at any one time. After the final zone draws in, it’s an all-out brawl to see which team will be left standing when the dust settles.

Save The World is also getting updated, with a new mission – Into the Storm – and a new weapon. The Mercury LMG has a decent rate of fire, but like its Battle Royale cousin, a huge magazine.

Original story, April 11:Fortnite’s servers are back up for patch v3.5, which introduces the game’s new replay system, as well as the new base-building Port-a-Fort. Here’s what you can expect to find:

The biggest change is the arrival of the Port-a-Fort, the latest new item to be added to Battle Royale. When thrown, it rapidly builds a three-storey metal fort, giving you the high ground in an instant (or some hasty cover, at the very least). The Port-a-Fort is an Epic item, and players can hold up to five of them.

Other changes come to the Guided Missile, making them move slower, and more difficult to turn. Epic have also reduced players’ ability to quickly switch between weapons, by adding a new equip time to weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Hand Cannon, and Shotguns.

Vending machine drop rates have also been adjusted, meaning you’re more likely to find Assault Rifles, but much less likely to find rare items such as Chug Jugs or explosive weapons. When it comes to Limited Time Modes, 50v50 is back, with increased loot and resources.

There are also changes to Save The World, with the addition of Cyberpunk heroes cosmetic pack and new Neon weapons. You can check out the full patch notes here.