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Fortnite’s runes are on the move

Fortnite's newly formed rune islands are making a move

Kevin the cube might’ve finished his roll across the Fortnite map, but his influence is still being felt – especially in the runes he’s left behind. The cube-supported floating has visited each of the runic corrupted zones around the island, lifting hunks of rock out out of the ground at each stop. Now those rune-stamped floating islands are on the move, too.

It’s not clear precisely where those islands are moving, but it looks like they’re making progress toward the main floating island that Kevin lifted out of Loot Lake at the start of season six. That island has shown increasing cube corruption over the past few days, with popular speculation suggesting that a new calamity is soon on the way.

The glowing cube itself has lost its own runes, and its purple light has grown increasingly enveloping. The newly floating rune islands act as solid ground. You can land there, run around, and maybe get into a fight or two – but it’s a pretty narrow space to maneuver in.

Theories on what’s going to happen are numerous. Maybe the smaller islands will build a stepping stone bridge to the main one, or maybe they’ll all combine for a Voltron-esque rock golem. We could see something happen as soon as this afternoon, but we likely won’t see anything truly dramatic until the start of the next season.

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