“Rust Lord” is the Fortnite insult so hot it’s getting kids in trouble at school

fortnite rust lord insult

All the kids are playing Fortnite these days, as you may have heard from various hand wringing news reports about the game’s popularity and the dangerous quality of addiction. It’s also apparently an insult generator creating burns so hot that kids are getting disciplinary notes from school.

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This comes via Tr1angleChoke on Reddit, who shared a “disciplinary referral” from their son’s school. The teacher’s note says the fourth grader “called another student a ‘Rust Lord’ upsetting the other student greatly.” This incident is marked as “Annoying to Classmates,” “Rude,” and “Discourteous.”

The Rust Lord, of course, is a relatively low-level skin that was available in the Season 3 free Battle Pass. All you had to do was reach Tier 23. Clearly a skin only for scrubs. You can get a closer look via Fortniteskins.net if you want to drink in its lowliness.

We can all have a laugh about it, but given Fortnite’s popularity we’re a handful of days from “Rust Lord” being the new “Hanzo main,” right down to the insult causing trouble at school. At least Hanzo’s gotten a rework – with minimal gameplay implications, Rust Lord is well set to forever be a symbol of the tragically unhip and unskilled.