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Here are all of Fortnite’s new locations

Fortnite season 4

Multiple new locations have arrived in Fortnite’s season 4 map. The meteor has landed, bringing destruction in its wake, but also helpfully spawning a few brand-new places for you to drop.

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First things first – Tilted Towers is still standing. Whether that’s something you’re happy about or not, it was possibly the biggest question on everyone’s minds ahead of the meteor’s impact. Dusty Depot, on the other hand, is looking significantly worse for wear. The meteor appears to have landed almost directly on top of the location, creating the brand-new Dusty Divot.

Fortnite season 4 map

Dusty Divot is an enormous crater, bordered by the remnants of the one and a half warehouses that are still standing. Some sort of research station has cropped up in the middle of the crater, and ‘Hop Rocks’ – small consumable items which give you a temporary low-gravity boost (allowing you to jump higher and negate fall damage) also litter the area.

Another new location is Risky Reels, a drive-in theatre which you can find in the North-East corner of the map, between Anarchy Acres and Wailing Woods. There are also changes to several other locations – Lonely Lodge now has a mansion that you can find on the Eastern coast, Moisty Mires has been partially converted into a film set, and smaller impact craters can be found all over the map.