Fortnite is getting new time-limited events and weapons next week, see them in a new trailer

Fortnite Survive the Storm

Fortnite is taking perhaps the most apt route into time-limited events of any game: as of an update coming next week, storms will be the focus of time-limited events that offer special loot. That much isn’t all that new, but what is new is the trailer above, plus a few details revealed today.

To be good enough for these Storm challenges, you’ll want to read our Fortnite guide.

As you can see in that trailer, those storms look to be what we expected – devilishly difficult events where you’ll get something extra nice for your time, the hydraulic weapon set. A blog post, published alongside the reveal of the above trailer, says that there’s going to be nine “high-impact” hydraulic weapons which can be obtained with tickets from these storm events.

The storms themselves can change how the enemies and you will act – you might have limited health, for example, or enemies might be enraged during it. Perhaps this is one for those with higher level gear.

For this update, there’s also going to be new heroes and defenders, plus a whole lot of optimisation and performance enhancements for Fortnite. The update is arriving August 29, maybe we’ll get more detailed patch notes around then.