You won’t be able to play the new Fortnite update for “at least 24 hours”

Fortnite survival mode

The next Fortnite update is being delayed. In order to fix game-breaking bugs, the developers, Epic Games, are pushing back the release of the Survive the Storm update to make sure everything is ready for release.

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The update, which was supposed to be released today, was due to bring a new survival mode, as well as new heroes and weapons. On the forums, however, the Fortnite team say that “as we’ve neared the date for release, we’ve identified a couple of stability related bugs that absolutely must be fixed before the update goes live.”

“We’re working to address these right away. It may mean the update will be delayed until we can get in the necessary fixes.” While they don’t say how long they think it will take to fix the issues, a post from the developers on Twitter says that it’ll take “at least 24 hours,” although the team do say “we don’t want to set any expectations at this point since we are still investigating.”