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Fortnite’s Tomato Town is dead, all hail Tomato Temple

Tomato Temple has come to Fortnite, replacing Tomato Town. There's even some Tomatohead Challenges to celebrate the new arrival

It is a truth widely acknowledged (among my friends, at least) that Tomato Town is Fortnite’s worst named location. A lack of loot, minimal opportunities for resource gathering, and a chunk of high ground for opportunistic snipers meant that the only reason to drop there was for the benefit of a weekly challenge. Until now.

In Fortnite Patch 5.3.0, Fortnite’s Tomato Town has been replaced by the much larger Tomato Temple. It’s still in the same place, of course, but now there seems to be more vegetation, as well as an underground section somewhat similar to those in Shifty Shafts.

The most interesting bit, however, is the enormous temple in the middle of the area. What used to be a weirdly large pizza joint now looks more like an Aztec pyramid, complete with sacrificial fires. The piece de resistance, however, is the enormous Tomatohead sculpture, which has returned, sitting atop the temple covered in tribal paint and wearing a ceremonial crown. It’s all quite impressive, if a little bit ‘Lord of the Flies’.

To celebrate the arrival of our Tomato-ey overlord, Epic have come out with some ceremonial challenges for you to achieve. The Tomatohead Outfit is back in the store, of course, but if you’d like to earn that crown, you’ll need to complete three tasks.

They’re relatively simple, asking you to simply play 25 matches, deal 5,000 damage to opponents, and gain 20,000 XP. None of those require any effort on your part other than to actually play the game, but it does seem that you need to own the relevant skin in order to benefit from them.

Elsewhere in Fortnite patch 5.3, the new Rift-To-Go is an item that summons a teleporting rift directly underneath you, which promises to help you out of some sticky situations (or help you put your opponents in one). The Fortnite week 6 challenges have been postponed until tomorrow, but we’ll have our regular tips ready for you then.