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Fortnite’s delayed 2.4.0 update is now preparing to launch

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Update, February 2: Fortnite’s latest update is currently being deployed.

As Epic warned, Fortnite’s 2.4.0 update has been somewhat delayed, but you won’t be waiting much longer for the latest changes. Downtime to deploy the update has already begun, so expect it to go live very soon.

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Original story, February 2:Epic Games have revealed the bugs which are plaguing the current version of Fornite are taking longer than they anticipated to fix, resulting in the game’s upcoming update being delayed.

Players are being tormented by the bugs in Fortnite’s current version 2.3.0, particularly when it comes to building. As a result, it seems Epic Games have had to delay the upcoming Fortnite update in order to stamp them out.

“We hear your concerns regarding bugs that you are experiencing since v.2.3.0, especially those regarding building,” Epic Games explained in a delay update. “It’s taking us longer than expected to fix these issues and we’re working through some major ones. If we’re unable to fix them today the v2.4.0 release will be delayed. Once we have a better idea of when the patch will arrive we’ll update everyone.”

In order to reduce the number of problems players are having, the developers also revealed they are changing the building system and UI to the earlier, working, version.

“In order to help make building feel better we’ll be reverting to the building bar system that was present in V.2.2.0. We intend on finding a more permanent fix to make building and item selection feel more crisp in the future. We’ve also added some tools to help us better diagnose in-game issues when new bugs do arise.”

Epic Games have already promised to give freebies to players to make up for the issues version 2.3.0 has caused, however these will not be available unable version 2.4.0 goes live.

No new release date has been given for update version 2.4.0.