Fortnite giant metal dog head location: where to dance on top of a giant metal dog head – week 9 challenges

Looking for an impressively large chrome pupper in Fortnite? Here’s where you need to get your groove on in this week 9 challenge

Fortnite giant dog head location

Where is the giant dog head in Fortnite? Now we’re guessing that you’re asking that rather weird question as you’ve just looked at the season 7, week 9 challenges. Included within them is a quest to dance on a selection of curious points of interest in Epic’s battle royale game. Now we’re on to part three: the Fortnite dog head location.

If you’re reading this and feeling a little confounded, that might be because you haven’t ticked off the first two parts of this weekly mission yet. This is a staged challenge of three parts, and we’re referring to the final part right now. When you finish the first two parts, the challenge to locate the Fortnite giant metal dog head should appear.

We’ll be dropping over to Junk Junction for this part of the week 9 challenge, and the poor metallic good boy has somehow got himself in a bit of a mess. When you approach the area you’ll see a disembodied dog head hanging from a sign. So we’re going to help by *checks notes*, dancing on it? Here’s where to find the Fortnite giant metal dog head.

Fortnite giant metal dog head location

The big ol’ dog is chomping on his bone just south of Junk Junction. It’s massive and just above the main entrance – you can’t miss it. But, if you want something a little more specific than that, or your knowledge of the map is a little hazy, below you’ll find a map and screenshot detailing exactly where you need to get your dancing shoes on.

Fortnite dog head location map

Fortnite giant dog head location screenshot

Just in case you haven’t got round to ticking off the first two parts of this task, here’s how complete them below:

So that’s where you find the giant dog head in Fortnite. That concludes this three-part week 9 challenge so congrats, enjoy your Battle Star treasure. If you’re greedily looking for even more loot, there are more challenges where that came from. We also have guides to help you out on how to complete three Fortnite plane timed trials and where to pop all Fortnite golden balloons. Now, how are we going to decide which cosmetic item to equip next.