Fortnite devs gauge interest in Lady Dimitrescu

Fortnite devs want to know if you've heard of Lady Dimitrescu, Beyonce, or Gap

While you may be forgiven for believing otherwise, Fortnite has not yet subsumed the entirety of pop culture. Despite roping in everything from Street Fighter to Gangnam Style, Epic has not yet wept for a lack of worlds to conquer. In fact, it seems the devs are asking fans which crossovers should come through next, and it’s an eclectic bunch.

In a recent survey sent out to a random selection of Fortnite players (as noted by Mikey on Twitter), Epic provides a list of characters and brands and asks you to “select each one you have definitely seen or heard of.” Just in time for the Resident Evil Village release date, Ethan Winters and big goth vampire mommy herself, Lady Dimitrescu, are both on the list. (So’s Jill Valentine, but she doesn’t really fit this particular segue.)

This isn’t the first time Epic has sent out a survey like this. One example that made it to Reddit last year included the likes of Lara Croft and Master Chief – two characters who have since, of course, actually become Fortnite skins. There’s no guarantee that anybody on this list will actually make it to Fortnite, but it’s certainly possible.

You can check out the list in full below, but it’s a heck of who’s who. The videogame side includes Toad and Bowser from Mario, CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Sans from Undertale, Dante from Devil May Cry, Simon and Alucard from Castlevania, and plenty more. (Also Vegeta from Dragon Ball, who’s technically a videogame character, I guess.)

The list goes far beyond games, though. There are brands ranging from Gap to Nike, musicians from Beyonce to Meek Mill, and streamers from nickmercs to Pokimane. Epic’s take on battle royale games might just be getting even wilder.