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Logan Paul already has 230,000 Twitch followers, and he hasn’t streamed yet


Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is heading to Twitch. Paul is yet to stream, but recently announced on Twitter that he had hit 100,000 followers on the platform in just a few hours.

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That number has since grown to over 230,000 in under two days, and Paul is still yet to actually broadcast anything over the channel. Despite that technicality, visitors to his Twitch page – LoganPaulWasTaken – have somehow been responsible for more than 150,000 total views.

In a recent vlog, Paul said that his decision to start streaming videogames stems from the ever-rising popularity of Fortnite. In particular, Fortnite streamer Ninja, who reportedly makes $500,000 a month streaming the game and recently played alongside rapper Drake, has garnered Paul’s attention.

The announcement has had mixed reactions from the community, with streamer dmbrandon! tweeting to say “I feel if you’re doing enough to get demonetized [sic] on YouTube, then we likely don’t have space for you on Twitch.” Other streamers believe that Paul could have a positive influence on the site, as “the amount of people [sic] he can bring over from YouTube can only be a good thing for the site,” according to summit1g. Paul is one of YouTube’s most successful streamers, with nearly 17 million subscribers on his main account.