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Ninja brings thousands of new followers to small Mixer channels

Paying it forward

Ninja has jumped from Twitch to Mixer, as Microsoft continues investment into its streaming competitor. Plenty of Ninja’s fans have come along for the ride, but the real question is how the streamer’s presence will affect the rest of the platform. Judging by the effect Ninja has had on other, smaller streamers, it’s looking good.

Earlier this week, Ninja began to close his streams with raids on fellow Fortnite streamers. The first was SoloQ Jokerr (via Dexerto), who says he got around 1,500 instant new follows after Ninja’s fans came through. He was it was the “best/craziest day of my life” on Twitter. “Almost teared up, and extremely grateful for this man.”

The same thing happened to PHATTPANTZ yesterday. After 3,000 new followers came through, he says on Twitter that “I’ll never be able to find the words to thank Ninja for the raid on Mixer tonight. The Man, the Myth, the Legend came and knocked me for six with his kindness.”

Ninja’s switch also brought Mixer’s free app to the top of the charts following the move. Early signs suggest the deal has been a success for everyone involved, but it’ll be months and years down the line before we truly know what the effects will be.

Twitch remains the undisputed king of game streaming, but its growth is slowing and other services are starting to make up ground. Mixer is still behind even Facebook and YouTube game streaming, but it seems Microsoft has a fresh commitment to the platform.