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Ninja now has his own underwear line

ninja underwear psd

Ninja has an underwear deal, because we continue to live in the strangest timeline imaginable. Yes, the Fortnite streamer – by most metrics, the biggest videogame streamer in the world – now has a deal with PSD Underwear, so you can gird your loins with the artistic visage of the massively popular Twitch personality.

The Ninja Storm boxer brief is a cool 88% polyester and 12% spandex mix, promising a “breathable athletic feel,” a “contoured sealed pouch,” and “flex fit flatlock seams.” It all sounds very nice, and it should be – with pre-orders going for a luxury undergarment price of $25 USD a pair.

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If you’re looking to house the nethers in style, you can take advantage of those pre-orders at the PSD store. And if you’re a regular viewer of Ninja’s Twitch stream – otherwise, why would you want this – it seems discount codes are being provided as giveaways there. Ninja’s wife (and manager) JGhosty says that they’re looking into making women’s styles available, as well. The announcement mentions a “collection” next month, so there should be plenty more options on the way.

PSD Underwear has a wide variety of athletic partners, like Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, and Marshawn Lynch, though Ninja is certainly unique in their number as a player of digital games. Some might cynically say that this current stardom comes as a result of Ninja’s stream with Drake, but look – all I’m saying is that Ninja has a deal with PSD and Drake does not.

Now that you’re all comfy in your luxury briefs, perhaps it’s time to grind out those Fortnite week 9 challenges. You deserve to game in comfort, after all.