Fortnite Rainbow Royale is on its way back

Fortnite Rainbow Royale is a chance to celebrate diversity in the battle royale game and enjoy the chance to get some free cosmetics too

Fortnite Rainbow Royale is on its way back: Various characters from Fortnite fly over a rainbow-coloured background

Fortnite Rainbow Royale will be upon us once again soon. Originally an event that went on during July last year, Epic told us back in June that we’d be seeing it return again, and judging by the Fortnite skybox, it looks as though it’ll be very soon indeed, as the sky above the Fortnite map has been transformed into something stunning.

Last year’s event allowed players to unlock four different sprays, a weapon wrap, and a special emote, too. The aim of the event is to help celebrate LGBTQIA+ players and the wider community, and it’s nice to see that it’s returning again. While many players would have expected this back in June, it’s kind of cool to see the event come around now, to help celebrate diversity for longer.

This image shows Goku on Shenron looking at a sky littered with rainbows.

This year’s event was actually announced all the way back in June with a blog post on the Epic website. “Celebrating the Fortnite LGBTQIA+ community, Rainbow Royale returns to Fortnite in September 2022!” Along with that, you could also grab the items from last year in the item shop for a little while, and the post also mentions the Rocket League celebrations from earlier in the year, too.

Aside from the event itself, not much is known about what’s going to be included this time or what extra celebrations will be going on, but we can probably expect some cool creative mode islands and some more fun Fortnite skins as well. We also know for certain that the event is soon, because the sky is currently lit up with a whole network of rainbows, and even rainbow meteorites falling to the ground.

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