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Fortnite Season 9 has begun

The long awaited Fortnite season 9 is available now

May 8, 2019 Fortnite Season 9 is officially underway.

It’s been over two months since season 8 began in Fortnite, and it’s high time we started hearing something about the launch of Fortnite season 9. The time has finally come, and you’re now able to board the battle bus once again for Fortnite Season 9. Downtime began at 01:00 PT/04:00 ET/09:00 BST, and finished mere moments ago. With than in mind, we should get our first look at Fortnite Season 9 by midday UK time.

The publisher announced the Fortnite season 9 downtime on Twitter earlier today, and has been teasing it throughout the week with a series of images. The first was a shot of a more than a little Japanese anime-influenced skin coming to the game, which was accompanied by the phrase “the Future is Unknown” and the letter ‘N’ – which is all very mysterious.

Two other teasers have since dropped. The letter ‘E’ was accompanied by the words “the Future is Bright”, and the letter ‘O’ went even further into tease-town with “the Future is Tilted” – suggesting the return of Tilted Towers. The images also spell the word ‘neo’, meaning ‘new’, ‘revived’, or ‘Keanu Reeves’.

There has been a lot of theories and guesswork regarding Fortnite season 9 and its release date, and the guesses regarding when it would kick off were right on the money – season 9 will indeed start on May 9, landing after exactly ten weeks of challenges in season 8, which started on February 28.

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It was previously suspected that Fortnite season 9 may be delayed, as the season 8 Overtime challenges leaked last week – suggesting these would come first, before the proper start of the next season. That doesn’t seem to be the case, so either the Overtime challenges will run alongside season 9’s start, or they’ll only run for the next few days.