Looks like Fortnite is getting Tilted Towers and an Arcane Vi skin

Dataminers have dug into Fortnite's new update to discover more mentions of Tilted Towers alongside Arcane's Vi from the League of Legends Netflix show

League of Legends Vi in the Arcane animated series out November

After close to two years away, it’s all but confirmed that Tilted Towers is returning to Fortnite. We’ve had a few teases before today’s maintenance, but the datamines have come flooding in now that the update is available for download.

Twitter account Fortnite News has posted a picture of Titled Towers on the map, which is surrounded by land on three sides and a lake on the other. TweaBR, meanwhile, has shared a snap on Twitter of what the city looks like in-game without snow.

We’ve had some idea that Tilted Towers was making its return for a while now. As Epic Games is known to do, there have been several in-game teases of building tops being revealed by gradually melting snow. When Epic Games tweeted out the Fortnite 19.10 release time, the developer also shared an image of a city emoji. Prominent dataminer Hypex also reported earlier this month that we should be getting Tilted Towers soon, so the popular city’s return has been on fans’ minds for a while now.

That’s not all that’s coming in the update, either. Fans have also dug up a bundle relating to League of Legends’ Arcane show, which features Vi and several other items.

Downtime for update 19.10 started at 1am PST / 4am EST / 9am GMT, though it typically only takes a few hours, so you’ll be able to jump in soon. For more of the best battle royale games while you wait, though, you can follow that link.