Fortnite reverts changes to Turbo Build

Turbo Build is turbo-charged once again

This week, a few changes went live in Fortnite patch 10.20 which slowed down Turbo Build placement. Players broadly weren’t happy about those changes – another controversial gameplay element after the calls to ‘remove the mech’ – and while Epic penned an explainer on the differences just yesterday, today the developers have reverted them – so Turbo Building will be just as speedy as it’s been in the past.

The delay on placement for subsequent Turbo Build pieces has been returned to 0.05 seconds, down from the altered delay of 0.15 seconds. The only other change is that there is now a 0.15 second delay after a structure is destroyed before another piece can be built in its place, which should “reduce the impact that ping has on ‘taking a wall.’”

“Your ability to perform ‘90s’ and ‘waterfall’ should feel exactly the same as it did before yesterday’s changes,” Epic says in the announcement. Those two techniques – getting the high ground by rapidly building up on a single tile and stopping your fall by building under your feet – were listed as things “we don’t want to dramatically impact” in the original explanation of the changes.

Epic said the Turbo Build changes happened in the first place because the existing system “favors players with low ping in disproportionate ways” and that “spam building” and turtling defense were far too easy to accomplish.

Epic also finally nerfed the Brute last week. Maybe the roller coaster element of this season can, at last, come to an end.