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Dr Lupo says Fortnite cheats are “a**holes who don’t deserve” to be in the World Cup

Two players received temporary competitive bans, but returned in time to qualify for the competition anyway

Two Fortnite players who were banned from the game for two weeks for cheating during qualifiers for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup have returned to the game in time to qualify for the $30 million tournament.

Players Xxif and Ronaldo were found guilty of collusion – working with other players to secure easy kills and therefore qualification points – during the third week of qualifiers. In response, Epic banned all players involved from competitive play for 14 days, and stripped Xxif of the qualification spot that he’d earned during week three.

Those 14 day bans, however, were so short that the players only missed two qualification opportunities each – one for solos, and one for duos. As such, they’ve been able to return to the competitive scene, and in the eighth week of qualifications, both secured a spot at the World Cup, which will take place in New York later this year. The size of the tournament’s prize pool means that each player will take home at least $50,000 (£39,000). Unsurprisingly, several of the game’s biggest personalities have expressed frustration at the result.

Streamers like Chap, Cloakzy, and Tfue have all spoken out about the issue, but no-one has been quite as vocal as DrLupo, who has been commentating World Cup matches on behalf of Epic.

In a tweet last night, the personality said that “a cheater qualifying for a $30,000,000 tournament is a kick in the junk of the integrity of the Fortnite competitive community. Love or hate the game, this should be unanimously agreed upon.” During his stream, DrLupo described the players as “two assholes who don’t deserve to be here.”

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The Fortnite World Cup runs from July 26-28, and the winner of the solo competition will take home a grand total of $3 million – the biggest prize for a single player in esports history.