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Fortnite Creative codes: the best Fortnite maps and games from the community

The best Fortnite Creative codes offer everything from complex edit courses to race tracks

fortnite creative codes

Looking for the best Fortnite codes from Epic’s Creative mode? Fortnite has come a long way in less than two years, transforming Fortnite from a PvE experience to a battle royale game, and now a gaming platform where players can construct their dream mini games.

Taking a leaf out of Mojang’s book with Minecraft, the new Creative mode in Fortnite gives players the ability to create almost anything they can imagine, from parkour challenges and vehicle races, to classic deathmatches and even art installations.

In Fortnite Creative mode, players have access to prefab buildings, assets and gameplay items from the battle royale map, as well as a few brand new items, materials, and mechanics to ensure various game modes work. Fortnite Creative mode is an outstanding effort for the initial release and creators have already made some incredible maps and games for you to try out if you’re not interested in spending several hundred hours on your own masterpiece. Check out our Fortnite Creative mode guide if you need help building.

These creations can be accessed via Fortnite Creative codes, which are 12-digit Island codes you can use to jump straight into another player’s Creative island. We’ve played as many of these games and maps as possible in order to bring you the best Fortnite creative codes.

We’ve divided our list of Creative codes up into categories to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for:

Fortnite Creative minigames


Mini Golf – 6297-1471-3952

Creator: Bludrive

Thanks to the golf ball toy and some clever code creators, it’s now possible to enjoy a game of mini golf without having to leave your room. This course features 15 holes across five worlds and is loaded with secret shortcuts to discover and tricky obstacles.

Climb & Slide Board Game – 9678-3003-4723


Creator: Mr.Relatable

This is a fully functioning board game that on the surface appears to be very simple. The genius of this Fortnite Creative code is in the random dice roll mechanic, which involves an elaborate system of music sequencers and Baller spawners working behind the scenes just to generate a random number.

Prop Hunt – 7376-0341-4655


Creator: Echo

Much like the name of this creative Fortnite map, this is a simple prop hunt map with countless assets you and your friends can disguise yourselves as. With plenty of verticality, interiors, and a rich variety of props to hunt down, this is one of the best and most balanced prop hunt maps we’ve played.

Fortnite Creative multiplayer maps

fortnite creative code dust ii

Dust II – 5253-4025-7629

Creator: VariousPurple

What better way to start off this list of the best Fortnite Creative codes than with the highest upvoted post from the Fortnite Creative subreddit? Creator Various Purple has taken everyone’s favourite – not to mention the most iconic – map from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dust II, and made it in Fortnite Creative mode. It can often be tricky to accurately judge the spacing when you’re remaking maps from other games, but VariousPurple has done a stellar job; Dust II is true to the source. Load this up with some friends and face-off in a game of team deathmatch.

Mystery Market – 7693-3640-8910

Creator: IdiotsPlayGames

IdiotsPlayGames’ Reddit alias must be ironic, because their Mystery Market original creation is a work of genius. Boasting the Tilted Towers clock tower at its centre, this map is densely packed with numerous shops and greenery. Beneath the unassuming exterior you can find multiple secret passageways that navigate directly underneath the quaint market village, along with incredible attention to detail. If this Fortnite Creative code got featured on The Block, it would quickly become one of the most popular locations on the map. This Creative map has been designed for free for all games or simple team elimination games.

fortnite creative codes snipes

Sky Snipes – 1743-2048-4798

Creator: notnellaf

The creator of this Fortnite Creative map has turned the feature video for his neat free-for-all island into a mini-montage that showcases some impressive snipes and no-scopes. The map itself consists of multiple floating islands, kind of like an asteroid field, and players must use Grapplers and Bouncers to fly around the map (with some help from a low gravity modifier), and eliminate each other with Hunting Rifles. Perfect for two to four players, Sky Snipes is a gorgeous and original creation, but more importantly it’s a lot of fun.

Risky Runways – 5542-7687-4547

Creator: Ake

The main feature of Risky Runways is a small, open airfield with bold colours for callouts and multiple floors to help spread out the action in team elimination modes. There are also a couple of houses to one side and a picnic area in the centre, along with two planes and a few Quadcrashers by the spawn area. This Creative code offers varied, large-scale battles for teams, and utter carnage if you prefer Fortnite FFA modes.

fortnite creative codes shady station

Shady Station – 3457-5326-8252

Creator: DeathByToast1

Shady Station is another creation with a great showcase video, and this time it actually explains the creators’ thought process behind their submission for The Block. “We went into it trying to create a rundown sort of place, because most Fortnite locations are very clean,” they explain in the video text. They’ve definitely achieved that; there are three major landmarks in Shady Station, and each one looks like an abandoned industrial structure.

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The bus station is a highlight thanks to the numerous piles of tyres that you can use to gain a rapid height advantage on opponents. If you prefer close-quarters combat then you’ll want to visit the apartment complex where you can stalk your prey through eight apartments, a penthouse suite, and a laundry room.

fortnite creative codes terminal mw2

MW2 Terminal Remake – 6412-7533-9638

Creator: xlp620

Another map recreation, and this time it’s Terminal from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Easily one of the best maps in the game and a fan favourite for anyone who played thanks to its long sightlines. The huge passenger plane is the only element of the original map that looks a bit awkward in Fortnite form, but it still serves its purpose for skilled snipers. It’s a faithful remake and has been cleverly tuned for FFA modes.

fortnite creative codes twisted temple

Twisted Temple – 1217-3985-3745

Creator: Diva_Dan

Simple but gorgeous, this densely packed temple-themed deathmatch arena boasts plenty of space for vertical play. With plenty of loot spawns and too many angles to possibly watch this is a great Fortnite FFA map.

fortnite creative codes bounce pad deathmatch

Bounce Pad Deathmatch – 8792-1332-7866

Creator: KojackNumber2

Bold colours make it easy to spot enemies in this deathmatch arena, which is handy as they’ll likely be soaring across your screen thanks to the high volume of bounce pads dotted around this space. If you’re not one for twitchy gameplay then don’t worry, while it looks like this map is just one giant bouncy castle, each bouncepad has been strategically placed so that you can only chain them together a couple of times before you run out of momentum.

Fortnite edit courses and parkour maps



Creator: hooshen

It’s not quite as elegant as a CS:GO surf map, but this Fortnite Creative code offers a challenging twist on the standard deathrun by tasking players with mastering their jumping and sliding skills. It’s also not too frustrating, unlike the vast majority of Fortnite deathruns.

Warp Up Course – 5618-2963-5299

Creator: OfficialCanDook

This advanced warm up course by OfficialCanDook is perfect for experienced players who want to practice their speedy editing and building maneuvers. It features a number of different corridors and vertical inclines that you need to edit to get through, along with a timer at the start of the map for ten minutes. We only managed to complete it in about six minutes – it’s tough, but it’s a great way to improve your building and editing speed so you can move more confidently in real matches.


Dread Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun – 2167-3396-1292

Creator: HQBuilders

How do you stop Deathruns from going stale? Make one about pirates, of course. The objective here is finding Jonesy’s secret treasure, though a slew of deadly obstacles stand in your way. Before you race off to your demise, however, take a moment to appreciate the map itself. HQBuilders’ chart leans into the pirate aesthetic, and it makes the whole thing pop. Boats act as a barrier of safety between you and hungry sharks, while nearby taverns make you feel like you’re a part of this Fortnite and Pirates of the Carribean spin-off.

fortnite creative codes edit course

Mongraals £400 Comp – 0643-0361-6954

Creator: secret_mongraal

If you’re really confident in your building skills then you can enter this player-made contest. Your building and editing skills need to be at least average to get through this challenge in the allotted ten minutes, never mind the three minute times being recorded by some of the best Fortnite players. This is a great way to warm up in Fortnite and will help you dominate build battles.

fortnite creative codes warm up course

Warm Up Course – 6561-6398-2653

Creator: candook

This simpler Fortnite edit course gives you an opportunity to flex all of your various skills in one run: building, editing, shooting, jumping, and more. It’s Not quite as intense as some of the other edit or warm up courses in here, but it’s great for a general practice session.

EXPLORER – 6224-0839-9043

Creator: Snekiecr8

More of an obstacle course than a time trial or edit course, Explorer smartly chains together different types of traversal, traps, and obstacles to create a run that keeps you guessing every step of the way.

Snipers vs Runners – 7352-4203-8482

Creator: IdiotsPlayGames

The second map from IdiotsPlayGames, this Fortnite Creative mini game requires at least two players. The concept is simple: one player runs a serpentine course while the other player tries to snipe them before they reach the end. It’s a concept we’ve seen before in games like Halo and Garry’s Mod, but this time it’s in Fortnite. This can be a fantastic way to practice your sniping, too, as a lot of Fortnite players struggle to land sniper shots on moving targets.

fortnite temple run code

Temple Run – 5001-0003-6492

Creator: dolphindom

Another parkour course that’s proved very popular on YouTube, this Temple Run-inspired Fortnite map has players lob a dynamite at the start of the run to start the chain collapse and then run away from it as fast as possible, leaping across near-impossible gaps and dodging traps the whole way. It’s tough and packed with inventive obstacles that will put you through your paces.

There’s some clever engineering work to ensure the course collapses at a manageable pace, too, but you’ll probably die if you take a second to investigate any further.

Plumbers Parkour – 5273-8887-4633

Creator: JackTheRipperJM

This Mario-themed parkour map won’t phase the likes of Tfue and Ninja, but for the mortal among us looking for a light parkour map this is a great pick. It’s bursting with colour and features some inventive traversal mechanics, including firing yourself out of a cannon to cross dangerous terrain.

Fortnite Creative builds

Helms Deep

Creator: MakaMakes

As with most of these builds and recreations, there’s currently no code for this Helms Deep recreation. Fortunately then, creator MakaMakes has made an awesome timelapse of this Fortnite LOTR build that shows how it was made, not to mention how well detailed their replica is.


Dunder Mifflin

Creator: AntiPro

Possibly our favourite build of the entire list, YouTuber AntiPro has built the entire Dunder Mifflin office block in Fortnite. If you’re unfamiliar with Dunder Mifflin, they are the people person’s paper people from The Office US sitcom. They sell paper. The video starts off with the exterior parking lot, then heads inside to show every inch of this detailed replica. From reception and Jim’s desk, to Michael’s office and the meeting room, AntiPro has even managed to squeeze in the canteen and the annex at the back of the office. They didn’t forget about the warehouse either, clearly showing the foreman’s office and the famous basketball hoops.

Sadly, there is not a code for this creation, but the YouTube video does an excellent job of showing us around.

fortnite creative codes epic bridge

Epic bridge – 9795-3537-9919

Creator: tollmolia

Taking some inspiration from the covered bridge at Hogwarts Castle, this Epic bridge build is grandiose and foreboding in equal measure. It’s not just a pretty backdrop either, head to the bridge and you can admire vaulted ceilings in each tower and a handsome village on one side. It may not be set up for deathmatches, but a battle for control of the bridge would be incredible.

Fortnite racing maps

fortnite creative codes riftys race

Rifty’s Race – 1330-3984-1519

Creator: Rifty

You know pretty soon after booting this map up that you’re in for a treat thanks to the massive ramp you have to race your ATK up, which promises a huge jump and an aerial melee as you and your friends battle for first place. This is a much easier ATK race course map than some other Fortnite Creative codes, but ultimately that means more space to showcase your powersliding prowess.

fortnite creative codes atk darts

ATK Darts – 8702-3766-0944

Creator: 2005wbear

Sure, it’s not a race per se, but it is a great integration of vehicles into Fortnite Creative mode. The aim is simple, try to land your ATK as close to the bullseye as possible, trying variations of powerslides to build up speed and ensuring your aim is perfect as you soar off the ramp. This is a great casual contest to play with friends.

fortnite creative codes megatrack survival

Megatrack Survival Race – 4565-3085-7481

Creator: roessyt

This race track in Fortnite is the polar opposite to Rifty’s Race, it’s packed with deadly traps, tricky jumps, and obstacles you won’t spot until it’s too late. If you love watching your pals suffer as an unseen bounce pad launches them off the map, then this is the Fortnite racing map for you.

Almost everything featured here is playable in Fortnite’s new Creative mode. If you want to have a shot at creating something yourself, make sure you use our Fortnite Creative mode guide for help. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next person to have a creation featured on The Block?