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Forza Horizon 3 is $35.99 on PC, but only if you have Xbox Live Gold

Forza Horizon 3 ultra

The first decent discount has happened for Microsoft’s exclusive racing game, Forza Horizon 3. By all accounts, it’s rather good, and it apparently looks amazing. I haven’t bought it, though, because it’s been sitting at $59.99 for the standard edition on the Windows Store since launch.

Our list of the best racing games will get your heart pumping, assuming that price didn’t. 

At the minute, it’s $35.99, but only if you have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, the service required to play games online on the Xbox One. 

The more expensive editions are also discounted, though they don’t require you to have Xbox Live Gold. They only include an extra car pack and some boosts, though. 

Here’s the prices for each edition:

The deal for the special editions is on for four more days, but there’s seemingly no time limit on the offer for the original. 

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nu1mlock avatarAnakhoresis avatargamingman avatarDustyGerkin avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
11 Months ago

Isn't Xbox Live Gold somewhere around $6 for a month? If so, that'd amount to $42, and you'd probably be better off getting the Deluxe Edition (maybe, no idea what it includes more - a guess would obviously be a few cards). Unless you have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One of course, because then you'd probably get a game or two for the console as well.

Either way, it's a great racing game and one of extremely few that has co-op (and good at that - for a racing game at least). I've had some funs with it in co-op.

Anakhoresis Avatar
11 Months ago

I have it, played quite a bit of it. I like it, though there are aspects I would have liked to be different. One thing that kinda frustrates me (not related to the game itself) is that for some reason there is no way to upgrade to the Ultimate Edition... It would literally be cheaper right now to buy the Ultimate Edition than to buy the upgrades that are part of the Ultimate Edition on their own.

gamingman Avatar
11 Months ago

Wow they make you jump through hoops, fakit then get it on g2a is cheaper

DustyGerkin Avatar
11 Months ago

Not surewhy this is linked to gold account as the PC didn't need that. Odd.

There has been sales of this before on Amazon to half price with no gold account needed.

Shame it takes so long for decent discounts on pc Xbox stuff.