You can play Forza 7 with a Guitar Hero guitar, drumset, and dance pad

Forza 7 Gamescom 2017

Turn 10, the developers of Forza 7, want to make sure everyone can play the game, regardless of what setup they’ve got. Some people will be playing with a controller while others will be playing with a specific wheel peripheral. The team have thought about that, and so have tested the game on every USB peripheral they could find.

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When chatting about Forza 7 at Gamescom, Bill Giese, the creative director on Forza 7, said there are 30 officially supported wheels (and they’ll presumably specify what ones those are at a later date). Because of multi-USB support, though, you can combine any set of peripherals you want.

One of those peripherals, apparently, was a Guitar Hero guitar. How on earth that works – strum down for accelerate, up for decelerate? – is beyond me, but it’s an option in case you want to play some sick riffs while driving.

This came from Giese himself, who has personally tried perhaps the strangest combination. “I’ve even raced in Forza 7 on a Guitar Hero guitar, drum set, and a dance pad,” he told the stream, not specifying whether or not he was channeling that one guy with the guitar from Mad Max: Fury Road.

If you come up with a weird combo to play Forza 7 with, let us know, because we’re sure it would be hilarious.