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Fractured Space’s colossal new patch celebrates six months of Early Access flight

Fractured Space

Edge Case Games have had their space combat game Fractured Space in Steam Early Access for a whole six months now, and the game has changed a lot in that time. Not a developer content to throw up a build and neglect it, Edge Case have pushed Fractured Space forward each month. And now, half a year on, one of the game’s biggest updates will add two new ships and 11 new crew members. 

There’s also this fancy new trailer, that shows off how much has changed during Fractured Space’s Early Access period.

The anniversary update patch adds the Zarek Carrier and Zarek Infiltrator ships. The Carrier is a new ship class, and can launch multiple wings of fighters and bombers. The Infiltrator is a stealth ship with cloaking shields.

Among the new crew members is “The Mighty Jingles”, a YouTube personality who can now captain your ship.

Our Rob has played around with Fractured Space, and calls its capital ship combat “brilliant”.