Free Steam weekend for Fractured Space, unlocks the game permanently

Two spaceships in the majestic night of space

is in Early Access, developer Edge Case games (developers of Strike Suit Zero) are keeping the price of admission at $10.

Except for this weekend! Right now, Fractured Space is free on Steam, while the premium founder packs are discounted 25%. And if you log into the game this weekend, you retain access even after the weekend is over.

Until Monday evening, you can download Fractured Space on Steam for free. It’s an interesting-looking space combat MOBA. The immediate comparison is something like World of Warships or perhaps Dreadnought, but Fractured Space seems to have some unique aspects that make it at once more of a MOBA and more of a tactical game than those other, more pure-combat games.

Players who log in also receive the following rewards (based on how many people log-in):

  • Permanently unlocked early access version of Fractured Space

  • Exclusive captain based on well-known Youtuber and early Fractured Space supporter The Mighty Jingles

  • At 5,000 players: Exclusive skins for the three beginner ships

  • At 10,000 players: Exclusive community voted legendary skin for a TDS ship

  • At 15,000 players: The exclusive legendary skin gets upgraded to an exclusive TDS premium ship

Fractured Space is due to come out sometime later this year.

We’ll have lots more to say about the game soon.