Creepy-cool co-op mutant roguelite Freaky Awesome gets an October 18th release date

Freaky Awesome

Your dog has been kidnapped (dognapped?) and dragged off to the Creepy Old Chemical Factory on the edge of town. Y’know, the one with all the mutants and irradiated goop in. What do you do? Grab a buddy or three, dive in and probably mutate horribly, because nothing gets between a man and his best friend. That’s arcade rogue-lite Freaky Awesome in a nutshell, and it’s due out this October 18th.

Two heads are better than one, and we’re not (just) talking about mutations. Here are some of the best co-op games on PC.

Looking like a mashup of The Binding of Isaac and Crawl with a generous sprinkling of The Toxic Avenger (ew) for flavour, this one just looks fun. The mutations – while not quite as unhinged thematically as Isaac’s powerup-stacking nonsense – look to add an exciting spin to the game, effectively switching the players between character classes, and bolstering them with interesting new abilities. In order to further nudge players into taking risks, mutating comes with the secondary benefit of restoring lost health.

Freaky Awesome promises online and local co-op for up to four players, and a long-term progression systems in the vein of Isaac or Rogue Legacy, with new items, skills and mutations (including the forms of bosses that you’ve killed) being unlocked through repeat playthroughs. We hope to dive deeper into Freaky Awesome closer to release, and assuming we come out of the experience with fingers (or finger-equivalent appendages) intact, share our thoughts on the experience later this month.

We covered Freaky Awesome before, when it was first announced, and it only looks to have improved since we last rubbed our flailing eye-stalks over it.Check out the older storyfor a trailer showing off even more gameplay footage, and and some more kickass music.

Freaky Awesome is coming to Steam on October 18th, along with its soundtrack. If the trailer so far are any indication, it’ll be music worth owning, too.