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After 25 years, a true PC classic is finally on Steam and totally free

Alongside Counter-Strike, Unreal, and Quake 3 Arena, one PC classic defined the online shooter, and now it’s back on Steam, for free.

FreeInfantry Steam: A soldie with a large assault rifle in Steam multiplayer game FreeInfantry

1999 was a special year. In the aftermath of the original Half-Life, Minh ‘Gooseman’ Le and Jess Cliffe created the initial version of Counter-Strike, which Valve would purchase and launch independently less than 12 months later. Elsewhere, Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament were transforming the PC into the home for competitive FPS games. But from this era emerged another classic shooter, often forgotten, but now back with a vengeance. After 25 years, it’s finally on Steam and available to play for absolutely nothing.

FreeInfantry is a relaunched and resurrected version of Infantry Online, originally launched all the way back in 1999 by the now long-defunct Harmless Games. Contrary to the FPS games that predominated the age, Infantry was – is – an isometric shooter with a focus on scale rather than slick visuals. It was Battlefield before Battlefield, a massively-multiplayer deathmatch with hundreds of players. After passing through the hands of various owners, Infantry Online was officially shut down in 2012. Since then, a fan-maintained free version has kept the fire burning via a dedicated website, but now it’s finally made the move to Steam.

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Available to play completely free, with no microtransactions, FreeInfantry boasts several game types. You’ve got the standard skirmish and capture-the-flag modes. You can also play co-op against swarms of CPU bugs or zombies. FreeInfantry also carries a range of custom, player-based modes that include customizable classes, upgrades, and variations on base building and extraction shooters.

On the surface, this is pure nostalgia, and a relic of the PC’s golden age. But put the time into FreeInfantry, and it’s a deep and imaginative online shooter with a seriously dedicated community. You can try it for yourself right here.

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