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After 27 years, classic mech JRPG finally arrives on PC and Steam

Like a combination of Armored Core and Final Fantasy, one classic mech JRPG is finally playable on Steam and PC after almost three decades.

Front Mission 2 Steam JRPG: A huge mech from Steam JRPG Front Mission 2

If the launch of Manor Lords has proven one thing, it’s that some games are worth the wait. We’ve had a blast with Armored Core 6. Upcoming shooter Mecha Break looks fantastic, too. But after almost three decades of waiting, one of the ultimate and formative robotic pioneers is finally on PC. A combination of FromSoftware’s beloved mech game and JRPG classics like Final Fantasy, this is overhauled, remade, and relaunched for Steam, and it’s available to play today.

Front Mission 2 originally arrived back in 1997, the same year that brought us Age of Empires, Quake 2, and the very first Fallout (has it really been that long?) A JRPG crossed with a mech shooter, it follows three soldiers from the ‘Oceania Cooperative Union’, which seeks to occupy and industrialize developing nations around the world. You swap between all three, as they attempt to quell a destructive coup d’etat in a fictionalized version of Bangladesh. Combat is turn-based, and you explore the world via a point-and-click map, which helps you discover new quests, a gigantic cast of characters, and optional arena battles.

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As for the mechs themselves (in the world of Front Mission, they’re called ‘Wanzer’), you can upgrade and customize almost every component, including the weapons, support systems, and cosmetics. Back in 1997, Front Mission 2 faced criticism owing to its long, long loading times. The new remake fixes those, while also adding a free camera, improved visuals, and a re-recorded soundtrack.

Mixing strategy, turn-based battles (at times, it feels a little like XCOM), and a sprawling RPG game world, in the classic style, Front Mission 2 is finally available on Steam as of today, Tuesday April 30. Even better, you can try it before you commit thanks to a substantial demo. Just head right here.

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