Frostpunk channels Dickens’ Christmas classic with Christmas Carol DLC

Frostpunk's A Christmas Carol DLC adds a festive quest, a new building, and brand-new dilemmas to the Dickensian management game

Perhaps there’s something more whimsical about Frostpunk than I originally thought. As far as I was aware, it’s a Dickensian nightmare, where freezing children are sent off to the mines to slave away under a cloud of black smog. But perhaps that’s exactly why developer 11-bit Studios has decided to name Frostpunk’s latest content drop after Dickens’ Christmas classic.

In a press release issued earlier today, 11-bit announced that the new DLC brings several new features to the game. There’ll be a new Christmas-themed quest added to its endless mode with its own dilemmas to challenge you with, as well as a new festive building to add some cheer to your freezing settlements.

Whether those changes are enough to bring the little slice of hope your settlers are so desperate for remains to be seen. Personally, delving back into a frozen waste just as we head into the coldest time of year seems a bit masochistic, but maybe I’m just being a Scrooge. 11-bit, however, aren’t channeling Dickens’ most popular anti-hero, as the Christmas Carol update is available for free.

As well as all of the features mentioned above, the update also brings in a few quest issues and minor quality of life changes. If you already own the game, it seems that it’s available for right now.

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If you’re yet to try out the game for yourself, you can check out our Frostpunk PC review. Hopefully, you’ll have more success than some of the PCGN team have had in the past – letting your entire settlement freeze to death wouldn’t be very Christmassy.