Galactic Civilizations 3 alpha begins on March 27th; watch a galaxy being conquered to celebrate

Galactic Civilizations 3 alpha begins on March 27th

Galactic Civilizations III might be a long way from release, but a playable alpha is launching very, very soon. March 27th soon. Before you blow your mass drivers, you should know that it’s only available to those who have pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition.

At this stage, players can spread their influence across the galaxy through conquest, building big armadas and carving up their foes with lasers, and there’s plenty of exploration to be done as well. Diplomacy, ship building and colony management, however, are still being developed and aren’t in this build. 

Take a gander below at the first footage of the game, showing off the Altarians as they chew through the galaxy.

As well as it looking a tad prettier than its predecessor, the most noticeable difference is UI. It looks a lot more focused, with the minimap on top, and below it, the colony list revealing important information like what each world of constructing along with population and wealth values.

Now I must prepare my Drengin marines for planetary conquest. Excuse me.