Galactic Civilization 3’s beta 5 update adds space bugs from the future and pirates

Galactic Civilizations III beta 5

Galactic Civilizations III will soon be packing up its things, whole worlds, vast alien armadas, lots of lovely menus, and moving from Early Access to version 1.0, but there’s still time for a beta update. Beta 5 is now available, and comes with insects from the future, pirates and stupidly big maps.  

All the game’s factions have now been squeezed in with this update, including the Thalan Contingency, the aforementioned future bugs, and the Iconian Refuge, who used to be a big deal big had some problems with robots.

If they don’t tickle your fancy, there’s always the option to just do your own thing with a custom race, which just got added with the new update. Pick traits and tech from different factions and make a Frankenstein race.

Minor races, which aren’t playable, have also popped into existence, and can be found minding their own business out in space, waiting to be conquered, or befriended, if that’s your cup of space tea.

It’s not just a race update though, and you can read the full patch notes here.