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Telltale can still make Game of Thrones season 2, but it’s currently on hold

Game of Thrones

Telltale’s Game of Thrones game is on hold, according to Telltale’s head of creative communications, Job Stauffer. In an interview with Eurogamer, Stauffer says that the team won’t be returning to Westeros next year.

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Stauffer says that Telltale Games is keen to see where the show’s narrative goes before making any concrete decisions. Focus will be on the studio’s other games, including The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, and Batman, but Stauffer says that Telltale also want to “see where things go with the narrative of the show before we really come back to the table with something we’re excited about.”

Stauffer seems to suggest that the game will be making an eventual comeback, then. To confirm that, he goes on to say that the Telltale’s decision doesn’t mean “it’s never coming back,” and also says that Telltale said at the end of the first season that they “would be continuing” with the game.

The first Telltale Game of Thrones game focused on the Forresters, a northern house sworn to Stark bannermen the Glovers. The game takes place roughly between seasons four and five of the show, and features voice acting from a number of Game of Thrones’ actors.

Stuaffer offered very little beyond the fact that another game is due to happen, but as the Glovers have played a bigger role in the show for the last two seasons, it’s still possible that we’ll come to revisit the Forresters when the game returns for its second season.Meanwhile, Bethesda might be making their own Game of Thrones game.