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Westeros bound: first episode of Game of Thrones premieres on December 2nd

Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice release date

Telltale has ceased teasing us with tweets about Game of Thrones, and has finally announced the launch date for the HBO spin-off adventure game’s first episode, Iron From Ice. 

On December 2nd, we’ll be able to dive into the intrigue-heavy land of Westeros as five members of House Forrester, telltale revealed on Twitter today. 

Here’s that teaser trailer narrated by Cersei again, if you missed it last week. 

The fate of House Forrester will be left in the hands of players as they navigate the murky world of medieval politics and war as five different protagonists, all part of a noble house: House Forrester. 

The house is a Stark loyalist, so won’t be making many friends in the south, and has gained the ire of the horrible House Bolton, whose banner depicting a flayed man tells you all you need to know about them. A nasty bunch, they are. 

Gearbox and Telltale collaboration, Tales from the Borderlands launched last week, but it’s not the first time Telltale has run two seasons at the same time. The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2’s episodes launched a month after each other across the first half of the year. 

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Chocolateman1534 avatarQDP2 avatar
Chocolateman1534 Avatar
3 Years ago

I can already tell that TellTale games will make another masterpiece! The Walking Dead was so well done! So I can't imagine what the Game of Thrones one will be like.

I cannot wait!

QDP2 Avatar
3 Years ago

Takes from the Borderlands came out with great success, enjoyed the story so far. I think this is more of a challenge however, Game of Thrones story already being so deep and in-depth, fans are looking for a whole new level of depth. Fingers crossed this series does as well as Borderlands has done, would love to get into a story from Westeros :)