Protect your gaming PC with 82% off two years of Atlas VPN

At just $2.05 a month, this is an easy way to keep protect your privacy on the internet for two years. Make today the day you get Atlas VPN.

The Atlas VPN mascot, who is a blue ball in a cape, standing proudly beside a PC and smartphone running Atlas VPN.

Many of us are guilty of not properly taking care of our internet privacy. “Yeah, I’ll get a VPN one day” we say to ourselves, meanwhile we go years and years without protecting our privacy on the internet. Well, today’s the day you could make a change – with 82% off Atlas VPN’s thwo-year plan, now seems like the ideal time to get yourself protected.

Atlas VPN is compatible with several devices and even 4K streaming services, making it ideal for gaming PCs, streaming, and more. Not only can this help to keep you safe from cybercriminals while you game or watch your favourite shows, but it can also give you access to content that would normally be exclusive to specific regions. This can be awesome when it comes to accessing restricted content on platforms like Netflix, or when finding content for online games that would normally be locked off for you.

With 750 servers available from 35 countries around the world, and support for an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, it’s a nifty little VPN service. On top of that it also gives you access to the Atlas VPN ad blocker, extra email protection, and, of course, its 24/7 customer support team, who’ll be on hand to help in the event that you should encounter any difficulties.

At 82% off, the two-year plan works out at $49.20 for the two years. You’re saving over $200 with this discount and it works out at just $2.05 a month. Just think, all you have to do is pay this now and then not have to worry about your cybersecurity measures again until 2024.

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