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Stunning Spectrum One 4K/144Hz gaming monitor hits crazy new low price

The stylish Dough Spectrum One gaming monitor launched at $1099, was $799 when we reviewed it, and now is just $599, for a 4K/144Hz display.

If you’re not familiar with a company named Dough, we don’t blame you – it had slightly passed us by too. However, you’ve probably heard the name this company used to go by: Eve. Under that name, the company launched the beautifully crafted Eve Spectrum gaming monitor, with a 4K/144Hz, 27-inch nanoIPS panel and one of the slickest-looking stands ever. When we reviewed it, this panel cost a hefty $799 but the Spectrum One price is now just $599, and the display is also much more widely available with retail options across Europe and the US.

To quickly recap the Dough Spectrum One’s specs, then, it’s only available in a single 27-inch size and single resolution/refresh rate configuration of 4K/144Hz. When it first launched, there was also talk of  240Hz and other options but these are no longer available.

The 98% DCI-P3 color-depth, nanoIPS panel is rated for DisplayHDR 600, which means it can produce dazzling colors, though its contrast isn’t all that wild. As for inputs, it has a DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and USB-C inputs, the latter of which can also deliver 100W of charging back to your laptop or other connected device.

It’s a combination of features that impressed us when we first reviewed it and it’s still a compelling list of features now. What’s more, the monitor is available in both a matte and glossy finish. Most monitors these days are matte to reduce reflections, but glossy can make dark colors look a little less grey and washed out. Here, you can pick your poison, though the glossy option starts at $699, not $599.

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One key thing to look out for with this gaming monitor – which stands a good chance of earning a place on our best gaming monitor list at this new price – is that its default price still only applies for a model without a stand. If you want the lovely slim metal pedestal, that’ll be another $99, please.

It’s a few years since we first looked at the Spectrum One, and we didn’t get a chance to test the glossy version then, so we’ll be taking another look at both the matte and glossy versions soon, to make sure these new low prices aren’t also accompanied by a drop in build quality. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our fresh perspective.

For now, you can buy the price-dropped Spectrum One from Dough’s website or via B&H. Or, for European buyers, you can also buy direct from Dough or via Amazon.it, Amazon.de, and Amazon.fr, with Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com also coming soon. Pricing in Europe starts at €699, down from the previous starting price of €899.