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Get up to 22% off the the best gaming headset, right now

With the best audio you'll ever hear at this price point, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is an absolute bargain

HyperX Cloud Alpha

What’s that you’ve got on your ears? Looks like some sort of dodgy pair of goth ear-muffs. You need a better gaming headset, mate. Luckily the best gaming headset on the market is a bit of a bargain right now. The HyperX Cloud Alpha has been our pick since we first laid ears on a demo unit behind closed doors at Gamescom a few years back.

The Cloud Alpha was designed to hit a specific price point, delivering the best gaming audio you can get for the money. It doesn’t need some extraneous 7.1 surround sound dongle, it doesn’t need some unnecessary 3D audio gimmick, it just delivers great sound directly to your ear-holes.

And now you can pick up the best gaming headset for just $89 (£70), which is a great price for a set of cans with “a tonal separation I’ve not heard in any headset that costs less than $400.” That’s what the tech-reviewing genius who wrote our Cloud Alpha review said at the time, and the same is true today.

The smart design of the drivers, and the dual-chambers inside the ear cups, is what gives the HyperX Cloud Alpha it’s distinctive, detailed sound. It’s even got mini bass ports on the cups to give you audio more like an open back headset than the standard closed-in aural experience most heaphones at this price point will deliver.

HyperX Cloud Alpha - Dual Chamber Driver

As well as offering pinpoint audio clarity, that separation also means the Cloud Alpha headset never feels oppressive, even over an extended play session. Partly that’s down to the excellent design hangover from the original Clouds, but mostly it’s because the sound never feels like it’s being fired directly at your ears. The soundscape they generate is impressively broad and feels more remote than the closed-back headset should be able to offer.

HyperX Cloud Alpha funky colour edition

You can check out the full HyperX Cloud Alpha review here, but suffice to say, they’re a frickin’ awesome gaming headset, and if you’re in the market for a new pair, then look no further.

Hell, in the US you can even get the white and purple version of the Cloud Alpha with a tasty discount too!

Go get ‘em while the getting’s good.