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UK government sets up Discord, and it’s literal discord

The UK government has set up a Discord server for the Treasury, and it's going about as well as you'd expect a government Discord to go

UK government sets up Discord, and it's literal discord

Did you have the UK government going through three Prime Ministers on your 2022 bingo card? How about an official UK government Discord server? If so please let me know who’s feeding you information, because I’d love to be able to see the outlandishly mundane future of British politics as well. Predictably though, almost like if the government made some poor choices in a a strategy game, the Discord server isn’t going well.

More specifically, the Discord server is for the UK Treasury. The “read-only server” will be giving out updates and the latest news from this branch of government and, in what I can only describe as knowing your audience, no-one can type in the chats and clog them up with nonsense – because they would in a heartbeat, let’s be real.

That said, this hasn’t stopped some people from using the few tools they have at their disposal to give the UK government Discord server a run for its money. Hand gestures and the clown emoji have quite easily found their home in the server (I’m sure you can imagine how), and I’m incredibly impressed with the coordination skills, as some rather unsavoury words have already been spelled out in the reactions with letter emojis. I give it a day, a week at a push, before the whole thing gets shut down.

It just shows an overall lack of understanding of what Discord is, and the type of people that use it. While disabling posts and comments was a smart move, how did no one think to realise that if people on the internet are given the chance to ruin something, they absolutely will. I won’t be repeating any of what’s been spelled out in here though, because I like my job and want to keep it.

I can confirm that Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt sadly does seem to have set up a Discord account for himself, although I highly doubt that’s actually him, and with the comments under any and all posts with him in them, that’s probably for the best. It’s incredibly fitting that a UK government Discord is a literal discord, so I’ll give the sinking ship of a server that at least.

This isn’t even the first of the UK government’s strange technological decisions either, as it was announced earlier this year that the Treasury was going to bring stablecoins as a means of recognised form of payment in the UK. That’s right, soon you might be able to get Treasury Discord nitro with official UK crypto, because why on earth not?

Just another story on totally normal island though, right? Check DiscordBotList for links to the UK government Treasury Discord and more.

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