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Garry’s Mod sells over 10 million copies


Those Steam Sale things seem to work pretty well, then. Garry’s Mod has enjoyed quite a bit of renewed interest over Steam’s Winter Sale, sitting on the front page and selling for £1.74, pushing it over 10 million units sold.

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Garry Newman revealed the latest milestone over Twitter:

This means Garry’s Mod has sold almost 4 million units since September 2014.

It took Garry’s Mod 8 years to hit the 6 million mark, with the following 4 million sales coming in just over a year – perhaps pointing to its sale price being the sweet spot for people to take a punt on the bizarre Source Engine sandbox.

The game has seen a constant stream of updates since its 2006 release, with a new one imminent. This support is likely part of the reason the game has enjoyed such a long life.

It should keep people happy until Garry’s Mod 2, at least.

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