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New sequel to 92% rated roguelite game enters early access soon

Gatekeeper comes to Steam Early Access next month, bringing the fast-paced horde survival of Vampire Survivors into a spacefaring future.

Splash art of roguelite Gatekeeper

Releasing into Steam Early Access next month, Gatekeeper is an indie roguelite shooter that blends the frantic, panic-inducing, and overwhelming hordes of Vampire Survivors with the sci-fi aesthetic of Risk of Rain, coalescing to create a unique roguelite experience. Despite seeming like a new release, Gatekeeper is actually the sequel to last year’s Gatekeeper: Infinity, an incredibly well-reviewed game that acts as a prologue to Gatekeeper itself.

Gatekeeper takes you to an unknown galaxy in search of the Heart of the Universe; along your journey, you’ll take part in perilous battles against hordes of alien enemies across a variety of different planets. With the basis of an action roguelike game, Gatekeeper also offers the player a choice of several different playable characters with unique skills, alongside hundreds of upgrade items to strengthen and customize your characters in ways befitting your playstyle, using experience collected on subsequent runs.

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These frenetic runs can be experienced solo or in co-op with friends, letting you put together a party to face off against the galactic menaces that lay ahead. Gatekeeper is due to release on May 10, and you can find its store page here. In the leadup to release, you can also install Gatekeeper: Infinity entirely for free here to see if it’s for you.

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