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Microsoft "apologise for any confusion" caused by the change to their Play Anywhere statement

Halo 5

Update Jul 8, 2016: Microsoft have supplied comment to PCGN about the change of wording on their Play Anywhere blog. 

We reached out to Microsoft and asked why they changed their statement from "every new title published from Microsoft Studios" using Xbox Play Anywhere to "every new title published from Microsoft Studios that we showed onstage at E3". According to Microsoft, the initial version was a mistake.  

Keep an eye on our PC videogame release schedule for Microsoft games.

“When we unveiled Xbox Play Anywhere, we said that every new Microsoft Studios title shown at the Xbox E3 2016 Briefing will support Xbox Play Anywhere," a Microsoft spokesperson tells us. "We understand that a recent blog post didn’t specify that the only Microsoft Studios titles we’ve confirmed to date as Xbox Play Anywhere were shown at the E3 2016 Xbox briefing.

"We’ve updated the blog post and apologise for any confusion."

For a list of Xbox Play Anywhere games confirmed so far, check out that link.

Update Jul 7, 2016: Microsoft have changed the wording of their Play Anywhere announcement to say that it is only the games we saw at E3 that are coming to the service.

Well, that didn't last long. Microsoft have changed the statement in their announcement that Play Anywhere would apply to all future Xbox games - it will now only apply to the games shown at E3.

Spotted by YouTuber THE RED DRAGON, the change can be seen between the old version and new version of the post, as pointed out by VideoGamer News Editor David Scammell on Twitter. It still means games like Gears of War 4 and Forza are coming to PC, as they were shown, but leaves the future in mystery.

It might be simply a legal change, where Microsoft can't guarantee that everything they do for the rest of time will come to Play Anywhere, or it could be an indication that big upcoming games - the next Halo, for example - won't come to PC. We've contacted Microsoft for comment.

Original story Jul 5, 2016: Microsoft have revealed that all games they publish in the future will now be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, meaning you get two copies for the price of one.

On the Windows Blog, via VideoGamer, corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi writes, "every new title published from Microsoft Studios will support Xbox Play Anywhere and will be easily accessible in the Windows Store."

This means we're definitely getting the next Halo game. Well done, everyone. 

Play Anywhere was introduced at this year's E3, though we saw it used previously with games like Quantum Break. The promotion allows players to buy games on one platform and get copies for both. Saves and Achievements also carry between Windows 10 and Xbox One, allowing you to switch between your monitor and TV as it suits you. 

ReCore is first up, with the Play Anywhere release coming on September 13. Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 and Cuphead are coming later. 

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Jezcentral avatarAnAuldWolf avatarDustyGerkin avatartransparent cat avatar
Jezcentral Avatar
1 Year ago

This is excellent news, as long as this means I don't have to buy the games at Xbox prices.

DustyGerkin Avatar
1 Year ago

The faq for play anywhere states that it applies only to digital games purchased through Xbox store, windows store or via a digital code at participating retailers. (I assume retailers are the likes of Game, Gamestop etc but not online only like steam).

I also read that to mean we will be paying the same as they do on Xbox.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago


Are they going to allow the games to be published on Steam or not? If they lock them down to the Windows 10 Store, then that's quite the phlegmy spit in the face for PC gamers. I'd also imagine it would mean no modding, no deals, and none of the cool things we associate with the PC.

Microsoft seems desperate to make the PC a walled garden, a one store front place. That's one of the many very good and informed reasons I haven't upgraded to Windows 10. I'm boycotting its store in favour of Steam, Humble Store, and GoG.

The Humble people are genuinely lovely people, too. When a server glitch dropped a number of my titles from my library, they spent ages investigating it and restoring them, and communicating with me as they did so. And why is their service so good? The PC has competition through multiple store fronts. Everyone is trying to provide the best service.

Even Gabe supports the open platform and free choice of store fronts, no matter how much it hurts his profit margin. As I've mentioned before, a developer can claim keys and then sell them on store fronts to take advantage of Steam's bandwidth.

Can you imagine Microsoft ever being so altruistic? The thing is... I'm not well off, and Valve has always been good to me with its sales. So has Humble. I value these two organisations. They've both done a lot for me and for the PC gaming space.

What's Microsoft done for us? Except for aches, pains, and troubles that is. Even now, they're monopolising with DirectX. They could have decided it was time to go cross-OS with DX as a show of solidarity. But no. They're stubbornly clinging to it as a Windows 10 only thing, and that's why its primary competitor -- Vulkan -- will win. In the PC space, the more open you are, the more you succeed.

See: Rift vs. Vive.

It's important to remember that Microsoft is the company that's brought anti-monopoly suits on itself. Microsoft is the 'smile with Novell while we pull the trigger' company. It's skeevy and it seems to have no end of self-interested slimebags who couldn't care less about the PC space beyond how much money they can make in it. And yes, whilst that's capitalism, it's not GOOD capitalism.

Good capitalism is what Valve is doing with Steam. Valve is supporting the freedom of choice for the consumer. Microsoft has never done that.

So my worry is, as I said, they're going to lock most (if not all) of these games to the 10 Store. In fact, I'd be willing to bet on it and I'm not a betting man. It's just that I know that if I can count on three things in reality, they are this: Human stupidity, human greed, and Microsoft representing both.

transparent cat Avatar
1 Year ago

phil spencer said (as reported that they'd be doing stuff on steam so it stands to reason that the xbox play anywhere stuff is included in that

i'd like to think they've learned something from the shitshow that was GFWL